HET Program Status Page

Once the Phase II has been submitted to the HET night operations staff you can check the status of your proposal online:

Program Statistics CGI

This program will show you the status of each target submitted, a summary of any targets observed, and a summary of the amount of TAC allocated time that has been used.

The contact person for each program (see Program Notes in the Phase II) will be notified about any observations taken for that program. The data can then be collected from the ftp site in Austin. See:

Program Management

Once the Phase II is complete you may need to make changes to your initial Phase II. We have created a list of suggestions to make this easier. Please review these before making changes to your Phase II.

How To Retrieve Data

Once you have your data it is wise to quickly examine its quality and usefulness to give feed back to the night operations staff for your next observations. Your best contacts for data reduction of HET data is likely to be other researchers at your institution but you may contact the night operations staff with some questions. We have created a short list of data reduction tips based upon suggestions and comments from the PI. See:

Data Reduction Tips

As with all things not all observations go as well as planned and a PI may receive data of inferior quality. Often the contact person will have information about this in the e-mail they received from the night operations staff (This is the first place to look). The second place look is in the Program Statistics which are based upon the RA Night Reports . In the last column you will see weather that observation is rejected or accepted. If the observation is rejected it will not be counted against your program. If you discover that you have a spectrum that is of inferior quality you may petition to have that spectrum rejected. You should be familiar with the HET Rejection Policy and follow the steps given within it. See:

HET Data Rejection Policy

If you have questions about your program you should look through our FAQ . If you don't find any help there you should feel free to contact the night operations staff for assistance (e-mail the Resident Astronomers).

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