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HET Acronyms
ACRONYM Alphabetic Co-location for Reducing Or Numbing Your Memory
CCAS Center of Curvature Alignment Sensor
DAS Dome Automation System
DIMM Differential Image Motion Monitor
DIQ Delivered Image Quality
DMI Distance Measuring Interferometer
DVS Dome Ventilation System
EE50/80 Encircled Energy 50% and 80%
ET Exoplanets Tracker
FIF Fiber Instrument Feed
FOV Field of View
GRB Gamma Ray Burst
GRoC Global Radius of Curvature
GTAG George T. Abell Visitors Gallery
HEFI Hartmann Extra Focal Instrument
HETDEX Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment
HET Hobby-Eberly Telescope
HRJ(H)CAM High Resolution J(H)-Band Camera
HRS High Resolution Spectrograph
IQ Image Quality
JCAM J-Band Camera
LAE Lyman Alpha Emitters
LF Luminosity Function
LRS Low Resolution Spectrograph
LRS-J Low Resolution Spectrograph J-band
MARS Mirror Alignment Recovery System
MCS Master Computer System
MLA Multi Lenslet Array
MONET Monitoring Network of Telescopes
MRS Medium Resolution Spectrograph
MOS Multi Object Spectrograph
NESSI Near Earth Space Surveillance Initiative
PFIP Prime Focus Instrument Platform
PMAC Programmable Multi-Axis Controller
PMC Primary Mirror Computer
RA Resident Astronomer
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude
RSE Rms Sensor Error
RTML Remote Telescope Markup Language
RWVS Ring Wall Ventilation System
SAC Spherical Aberration Corrector
SALT Southern African Large Telescope
SAMS Segment Alignment Maintenance System
SCS Segment Control Server
SCT Science Commissioning Team
SPS Segment Positioning System
SSAC Surrogate Spherical Aberration Corrector
SWAG Super Wild Ass Guess
TBD To Be Determined
TBR To Be Resolved
TCS Telescope Control System
TLA Three Letter Acronym
TO Telescope Operator
TOO Target Of Opportunity
TSS Tracker Sub System
TTCAM Tip Tilt CAMera
UFOE Upgraded Fiber Optic Echelle
VIRUS VIsible Replicable Ultra-cheap Spectrograph
VIRUS Visible Integrable-field Replicable Unit Spectrograph
WAG Wild Ass Guess
WFU Wide Field Upgrade
XML eXtensible Markup Language

Created:   16-Dec-1998
Last updated: 30-Jun-2006

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