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QPrinterInfo Class Reference

The QPrinterInfo class gives access to information about existing printers. More...

 #include <QPrinterInfo>

This class was introduced in Qt 4.4.

Public Functions

QPrinterInfo ()
QPrinterInfo ( const QPrinterInfo & other )
QPrinterInfo ( const QPrinter & printer )
~QPrinterInfo ()
bool isDefault () const
bool isNull () const
QString printerName () const
QList<QPrinter::PaperSize> supportedPaperSizes () const
QPrinterInfo & operator= ( const QPrinterInfo & other )

Static Public Members

QList<QPrinterInfo> availablePrinters ()
QPrinterInfo defaultPrinter ()

Detailed Description

The QPrinterInfo class gives access to information about existing printers.

Use the static functions to generate a list of QPrinterInfo objects. Each QPrinterInfo object in the list represents a single printer and can be queried for name, supported paper sizes, and whether or not it is the default printer.

Member Function Documentation

QPrinterInfo::QPrinterInfo ()

Constructs an empty QPrinterInfo object.

See also isNull().

QPrinterInfo::QPrinterInfo ( const QPrinterInfo & other )

Constructs a copy of other.

This function was introduced in Qt 4.8.

QPrinterInfo::QPrinterInfo ( const QPrinter & printer )

Constructs a QPrinterInfo object from printer.

QPrinterInfo::~QPrinterInfo ()

Destroys the QPrinterInfo object. References to the values in the object become invalid.

QList<QPrinterInfo> QPrinterInfo::availablePrinters () [static]

Returns a list of available printers on the system.

QPrinterInfo QPrinterInfo::defaultPrinter () [static]

Returns the default printer on the system.

The return value should be checked using isNull() before being used, in case there is no default printer.

See also isNull().

bool QPrinterInfo::isDefault () const

Returns whether this printer is the default printer.

bool QPrinterInfo::isNull () const

Returns whether this QPrinterInfo object holds a printer definition.

An empty QPrinterInfo object could result for example from calling defaultPrinter() when there are no printers on the system.

QString QPrinterInfo::printerName () const

Returns the name of the printer.

See also QPrinter::setPrinterName().

QList<QPrinter::PaperSize> QPrinterInfo::supportedPaperSizes () const

Returns a list of supported paper sizes by the printer.

Not all printer drivers support this query, so the list may be empty. On Mac OS X 10.3, this function always returns an empty list.

This function was introduced in Qt 4.4.

QPrinterInfo & QPrinterInfo::operator= ( const QPrinterInfo & other )

Sets the QPrinterInfo object to be equal to other.

This function was introduced in Qt 4.8.