Marcario Low-Resolution Spectrograph

Recent Changes/UpdatesLinks
Dec 2007 The G3 grism was dropped and is offline for the forseeable future
April 2007 The MOS unit has been repaired and is online
14 Nov 2005 Blind offseting using several offset stars is now an option
28 Sept 2005 The MOS unit was taken offline and will be offline for the forseeable future
20 Sept 2005 New OG550 filter installed
April 2005 E2 grism commissioned
09 Feb 2004 Memo from Gary Hill about New guide stars limits
06 Apr 2003 New msetup package and new LRS flat field and bad pixel map on rhea
03 Mar 2003 New GG385 filter installed
Dec 2002 LRS g3 was used for science for the first time.
10 Nov 2002 A new version of makemos available in the new msetup iraf package.
3 Oct 2002 The LRS cryotiger was repumped.
13 Jun 2002 The HgCdZn lamp burned out and has been replaced with a Cd lamp.
May 2002 LRS update from Gary Hill.
Jan 2002 LRS long slit unit repaired. All slits available.
Jan 2002 Temperature compensation for drift of MOS unit installed.
Nov 2001 A new version of makemos makemos.03.01 became available.
Oct 2001 LRS long slit unit failed. Only 2" slit available.
Oct 2001 SF1 readnoise was reduced to 5.1 electrons
Oct 2001 Because of a failure of SF2, its instillation was cancelled and SF1 was reinstalled.