HET Observability Calendar

Version 3

NOTE: This calendar is out-dated and does not include HETDEX conflits. It is retained only for legacy purposes and should not be used for planning proposals.

This program enables a PI to determine the calendar dates, and the times on those nights, when the PI's targets can be observed. This program takes into consideration lunar position (up or down) when the track is available, track length, and the type of twilight cutoff to use (18 deg for dark, 12 deg for bright).

It does not output nights when no track is available, nor does it output tracks when the moon interferes with (being present in excess of the constraint) enough of the track that the requested visit cannot be completed. If the moon interferes part-time but the requested visit can be completed, then the track will be output but showing the constrained track length.

Enter the RA, Dec, exposure time, setup time, lunar phase, and year below and hit the submit button.

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