'Hobby-Eberly Telescope Wide Field Upgrade'

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Updated August 22, 2013

Here is a video of the HET Safety Net being installed on 8/19/2013.
The HET team is installing a Safety Net which will protect the remaining mirrors in the primary.
You will see in the first part of the video the FIF being taken down and off the tracker followed
by installing the net which was an all day event. Currently in the live images you can see the net
is covered by a blue plastic tarp which is also being used to safely protect the remaing 44 mirrors.
At this point 47 mirrors have been removed from the primary and 44 will remain installed.

Updated August 19, 2013

Here is a video of the first set of mirrors being pulled from the HET's primary on 8/12/2013.
Optics team will remove a total of 11 mirrors today and a total of 47 mirrors in the following days.
You will also see a CO2 cleaning in the video as well. A full day of work compressed down to 6 minutes of video.

Updated August 12, 2013

Here is a video of the CO2 cleaning process, using high pressure, high purity CO2 we clean the primary mirror three times a week.
The video is captured at 1 frame per minute.

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