Qt Reference Documentation

Qt's ActiveX Framework (ActiveQt)

Qt's ActiveX and COM support allows Qt for Windows developers to:

  1. Access and use ActiveX controls and COM objects provided by any ActiveX server in their Qt applications.
  2. Make their Qt applications available as COM servers, with any number of Qt objects and widgets as COM objects and ActiveX controls.

For more information about using ActiveX with Qt, see Building ActiveX servers in Qt.

The ActiveQt framework consists of two modules:

A set of tools is provided to simplify the developing and building of Qt projects that use ActiveX.

To build the static libraries, change into the activeqt directory (usually QTDIR/src/activeqt), and run qmake and your make tool in both the container and the control subdirectory. The libraries qaxcontainer.lib and qaxserver.lib will be linked into QTDIR/lib.

If you are using a shared configuration of Qt enter the plugin subdirectory and run qmake and your make tool to build a plugin that integrates the QAxContainer module into Qt Designer.

The ActiveQt modules are part of the Qt Commercial Edition and the Open Source Versions of Qt.

See also QAxContainer Module and QAxServer Module.