Qt Reference Documentation

Programming with Qt

Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for writing web-enabled applications for desktop, mobile, and embedded operating systems. This page contains links to articles and overviews explaining key components and techniques used in Qt development.


How to make your applications accessible to those with disabilities.

ActiveX in Qt

Qt API's for using ActiveX controls, servers, and COM.

Container Classes

Qt's template-based container classes.

Graphics View Framework

An overview of the Graphics View framework for interactive 2D graphics.

How to Create Qt Plugins

A guide to creating plugins to extend Qt applications and functionality provided by Qt.

Implicit Sharing

Reference counting for fast copying.

Inter-Process Communication in Qt

Inter-Process communication in Qt applications.

Internationalization with Qt

Information about Qt's support for internationalization and multiple languages.

Layout Management

A tour of the standard layout managers and an introduction to custom layouts.

Model/View Programming

A guide to Qt's extensible model/view architecture.

Network programming with Qt

The these pages are about Qt's support for network programming.

Object Model

A description of the powerful features made possible by Qt's dynamic object model.

Object Trees & Ownership

Information about the parent-child pattern used to describe object ownership in Qt.

Paint System

A system for painting on the screen or on print devices using the same API

QTestLib Manual

An overview of Qt's unit testing framework.

Qt Graphics and Printing

The Qt components for doing graphics.

Qt Style Sheets

How to use style sheets to customize the appearance of widgets.

Rich Text Processing

An overview of Qt's rich text processing, editing and display features.

SQL in Qt

Qt API's for using SQL.

Signals & Slots

An overview of Qt's signals and slots inter-object communication mechanism.

The Event System

A guide to event handling in Qt.

The Meta-Object System

An overview of Qt's meta-object system and introspection capabilities.

The Property System

An overview of Qt's property system.

The Qt 4 Main Window Classes

Overview of the Main Window concept and Classes

Thread Support in Qt

A detailed discussion of thread handling in Qt.