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QML Elements

These are the functionally grouped lists of QML elements as part of Qt Quick.

Elements are declared with the their name and two curly braces. Elements may be nested in elements, thereby creating a parent-child relationship between the two elements.

To see the QML elements listed by functional area, see the Groups Of Related QML Elements page.

Basic QML Elements

  • Item - Basic item element inherited by QML elements
  • Component - Encapsulates QML elements during importing
  • QtObject - Basic element containing only the objectName property


Text Handling

Mouse and Interaction Area

  • MouseArea - Sets up an area for mouse interaction
  • Keys - Provides components with attached properties to handle key input.
  • FocusScope - Element that mediate keyboard focus changes
  • Flickable - Provides a surface that can be "flicked"
  • Flipable - Provides a surface that produces "flipping" effects
  • PinchArea - Enables simple pinch gesture handling

Positioners and Repeater

  • Column - Arranges its children vertically
  • Row - Arranges its children horizontally
  • Grid - Positions its children in a grid
  • Flow - Positions its children with wrapping support
  • Repeater - Uses a model to create multiple components


  • Scale - Assigns item scaling behaviors
  • Rotation - Assigns item rotation behaviors
  • Translate - Assigns item translation behaviors


Animation and Transitions

Elements that animate properties based on data types

Models and Data Handling


  • ListView - Provides a list visualization of a model
  • GridView - Provides a grid visualization of a model
  • PathView - Visualizes a model's contents along a path. See Path Elements for more information.

Path Definition


  • Connections - Explicitly connects signals and signal handlers
  • Timer - Provides timed triggers
  • Qt - The QML global Qt object provides useful enums and functions from Qt.
  • WorkerScript - Enables the use of threads in QML
  • Loader - Controls the loading of items or components
  • LayoutItem - Allows declarative UI elements inside Qt's Graphics View layouts
  • LayoutMirroring - Used to mirror layout behavior

Graphical Effects

Add-On Elements

These elements are not included in the QtQuick 1.0 module. Their respective QML bindings should first be obtained and installed.