Qt Reference Documentation

WebKit Examples


Qt provides an integrated Web browser component based on WebKit, the popular open source browser engine.

These examples and demonstrations show a range of different uses for WebKit, from displaying Web pages within a Qt user interface to an implementation of a basic function Web browser.

DOM Traversal*Shows how to use QWebElement to inspect the document structure of a Web page.
Fancy BrowserA more advanced browser example, showing the use of jQuery to perform effects.
Form ExtractorHow to use JavaScript and C++ together to read page content.
Frame CaptureHow to use the WebKit browser engine to obtain images of Web pages.
Google ChatA real-world example that shows how an existing Web-based service can be accessed using QtWebKit.
Image Analyzer*A QtWebKit bridge application which contains a web interface and client-side processing.
Previewer*Shows how to make a simple Web page previewer by using Qt's text input widgets together with a QWebView widget.
Simple Selector*A basic demonstration, showing how to use QWebElement to select elements in a Web page.
Simple Web Plugin*Shows how to embed a widget into a Web page displayed using a QWebView widget.
Web FTP Client*Shows how to add support for a new protocol to QtWebKit-based applications.
Web Plugin*Shows how to communicate with a widget embedded into a Web page.

Examples marked with an asterisk (*) are fully documented.