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QtOpenVG Module

The QtOpenVG module is a plugin that provides support for OpenVG painting. More...

This documentation was introduced in Qt 4.6.

Detailed Description

OpenVG is a standard API from the Khronos Group for accelerated 2D vector graphics that is appearing in an increasing number of embedded devices.

OpenVG support can be enabled by passing the -openvg option to configure. It is assumed that the following qmake variables are set to appropriate values in the qmake.conf file for your platform:

Most OpenVG implementations are based on EGL, so the following variables may also need to be set:

See qmake Variable Reference for more information on these variables.

Two kinds of OpenVG engines are currently supported: EGL based, and engines built on top of OpenGL such as ShivaVG. EGL based engines are preferred.

Once the graphics system plugin has been built and installed, applications can be run as follows to use the plugin:

 app -graphicssystem OpenVG

If ShivaVG is being used, then substitute ShivaVG instead of OpenVG in the line above.