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QColormap Class Reference

The QColormap class maps device independent QColors to device dependent pixel values. More...

 #include <QColormap>

Public Types

enum Mode { Direct, Indexed, Gray }

Public Functions

QColormap ( const QColormap & colormap )
~QColormap ()
const QColor colorAt ( uint pixel ) const
const QVector<QColor> colormap () const
int depth () const
Mode mode () const
uint pixel ( const QColor & color ) const
int size () const
QColormap & operator= ( const QColormap & colormap )

Static Public Members

QColormap instance ( int screen = -1 )

Detailed Description

The QColormap class maps device independent QColors to device dependent pixel values.

Member Type Documentation

enum QColormap::Mode

This enum describes how QColormap maps device independent RGB values to device dependent pixel values.

QColormap::Direct0Pixel values are derived directly from the RGB values, also known as "True Color."
QColormap::Indexed1Pixel values represent indexes into a vector of available colors, i.e. QColormap uses the index of the color that most closely matches an RGB value.
QColormap::Gray2Similar to Indexed, pixel values represent a vector of available gray tones. QColormap uses the index of the gray tone that most closely matches the computed gray tone of an RGB value.

Member Function Documentation

QColormap::QColormap ( const QColormap & colormap )

Constructs a copy of another colormap.

QColormap::~QColormap ()

Destroys the colormap.

const QColor QColormap::colorAt ( uint pixel ) const

Returns a QColor for the pixel.

See also pixel().

const QVector<QColor> QColormap::colormap () const

Returns a vector of colors which represents the devices colormap for Indexed and Gray modes. This function returns an empty vector for Direct mode.

See also size().

int QColormap::depth () const

Returns the depth of the device.

See also size().

HPALETTE QColormap::hPal () [static]

This function is only available on Windows.

Returns an handle to the HPALETTE used by this colormap. If no HPALETTE is being used, this function returns zero.

QColormap QColormap::instance ( int screen = -1 ) [static]

Returns the colormap for the specified screen. If screen is -1, this function returns the colormap for the default screen.

Mode QColormap::mode () const

Returns the mode of this colormap.

See also QColormap::Mode.

uint QColormap::pixel ( const QColor & color ) const

Returns a device dependent pixel value for the color.

See also colorAt().

int QColormap::size () const

Returns the size of the colormap for Indexed and Gray modes; Returns -1 for Direct mode.

See also colormap().

QColormap & QColormap::operator= ( const QColormap & colormap )

Assigns the given colormap to this color map and returns a reference to this color map.

This function was introduced in Qt 4.2.