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QPlainTextDocumentLayout Class Reference

The QPlainTextDocumentLayout class implements a plain text layout for QTextDocument More...

 #include <QPlainTextDocumentLayout>

Inherits: QAbstractTextDocumentLayout.

This class was introduced in Qt 4.4.


  • 1 property inherited from QObject

Public Functions

QPlainTextDocumentLayout ( QTextDocument * document )
~QPlainTextDocumentLayout ()
int cursorWidth () const
void ensureBlockLayout ( const QTextBlock & block ) const
void requestUpdate ()
void setCursorWidth ( int width )

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QRectF blockBoundingRect ( const QTextBlock & block ) const
virtual QSizeF documentSize () const
virtual void draw ( QPainter *, const PaintContext & )
virtual QRectF frameBoundingRect ( QTextFrame * ) const
virtual int hitTest ( const QPointF &, Qt::HitTestAccuracy ) const
virtual int pageCount () const

Reimplemented Protected Functions

virtual void documentChanged ( int from, int charsRemoved, int charsAdded )

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QPlainTextDocumentLayout class implements a plain text layout for QTextDocument

A QPlainTextDocumentLayout is required for text documents that can be display or edited in a QPlainTextEdit. See QTextDocument::setDocumentLayout().

QPlainTextDocumentLayout uses the QAbstractTextDocumentLayout API that QTextDocument requires, but redefines it partially in order to support plain text better. For instances, it does not operate on vertical pixels, but on paragraphs (called blocks) instead. The height of a document is identical to the number of paragraphs it contains. The layout also doesn't support tables or nested frames, or any sort of advanced text layout that goes beyond a list of paragraphs with syntax highlighting.

Property Documentation

cursorWidth : int

This property specifies the width of the cursor in pixels. The default value is 1.

Access functions:

int cursorWidth () const
void setCursorWidth ( int width )

Member Function Documentation

QPlainTextDocumentLayout::QPlainTextDocumentLayout ( QTextDocument * document )

Constructs a plain text document layout for the text document.

QPlainTextDocumentLayout::~QPlainTextDocumentLayout ()

Destructs a plain text document layout.

QRectF QPlainTextDocumentLayout::blockBoundingRect ( const QTextBlock & block ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::blockBoundingRect().

void QPlainTextDocumentLayout::documentChanged ( int from, int charsRemoved, int charsAdded ) [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::documentChanged().

QSizeF QPlainTextDocumentLayout::documentSize () const [virtual]

Reimplemented from QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::documentSize().

void QPlainTextDocumentLayout::draw ( QPainter *, const PaintContext & ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::draw().

void QPlainTextDocumentLayout::ensureBlockLayout ( const QTextBlock & block ) const

Ensures that block has a valid layout

QRectF QPlainTextDocumentLayout::frameBoundingRect ( QTextFrame * ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::frameBoundingRect().

int QPlainTextDocumentLayout::hitTest ( const QPointF &, Qt::HitTestAccuracy ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::hitTest().

int QPlainTextDocumentLayout::pageCount () const [virtual]

Reimplemented from QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::pageCount().

void QPlainTextDocumentLayout::requestUpdate ()

Requests a complete update on all views.